HÜPPE Organizer

For utmost order in your bathroom

Look forward to the tidiness! Forget about shampoo bottles standing around in the shower tray, or towels lying on the floor in front of your shower area. With solutions from HÜPPE, you get practical, everyday helpers that will not only impress with their functionality, but will also convince you with their attractive appearance.

HÜPPE Select+ Organizer

The versatile HÜPPE Select+ accessories bring much more than practical benefits to your bathroom. They are a distinct feel-good factor that give it a very visual impact.

Plus sign sign where Select+ Organizer avaiable

HÜPPE Select+ Mirror

The HÜPPE Select+ Mirror has a large reflective area and can be adjusted to suit the user via the pivoting arm.

HÜPPE Select+ Wiper

With the ergonomically shaped wiper you can clean your shower very easily. Thanks to the suspension on the glass pane, it is always ready to hand.

HÜPPE Select+ Tablet

The HÜPPE Select+ Tablet has space for shower utensils.

HÜPPE Select+ Shelf "2 in 1"

The HÜPPE Select+ “2 in 1” Shelf has space for a hand towel and a further storage option at the same time.

HÜPPE Select+ Drybox

The HÜPPE Select+ Drybox reliably protects valuables against damp in the shower area.

HÜPPE Select+ Shower Board

The HÜPPE Select+ Shower Board with integrated hand towel holder is attached to the side wall glass on one side using the patented HÜPPE clamping technology.

More intact tiles – assembly without drilling

Drill-free installation

Unlike with conventional shower trays, the Organizer and the HÜPPE Select+ workings are not screwed onto the wall, but are held in place via the Select+ system and elegantly concealed by the Cover+ profile.

Uniform Finish

The Select+ system incorporates the individual elements and is then elegantly sealed, resulting in a uniform finish without any recesses or dirty corners.

Maximum Transparency

Thanks to 10 mm-thick glass, there is no need for a cross strut with the HÜPPE Select+ side wall, ensuring maximum transparency.

Enhanced design
and easy cleaning

Superior Design and Easy to Clean

The exclusive, minimalist design is completely flat – no sharp edges, no recesses, no dirty corners – and therefore easy to clean. What’s more, the distance to the glass is large enough to allow for everyday cleaning of the walk-in shower. The individual components can be easily removed to enable the tiles behind the Organizer to be cleaned.

Exceptional Stability and Durability

For stability in use and to ensure your safety, HÜPPE Select+ has been tested under a continuous load of 10 kg. We also only ever use panes in 6/8/10 mm single-glazed tempered glass.

Anti-Plaque to Beat Limescale

On request, Select+ will be fitted with the HÜPPE Anti-Plaque surface finish, causing water to simply drip off the glass. Most importantly, dirt and limescale don’t stand a chance.

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